5 Must-Have Features in a Fintech App

December 17, 2021by admin

The process of creating a fintech app is tricky. It would be best if you designed it so that users do not
think of the app as technology and instead see it as the go-to solution for their financial needs. The users
should conceive it as a solution to fulfill their financial needs instead of as a technology.

In meeting the above goal, the first and foremost task is to win their trust when they install the app.
Then you have to be at the very top of your game when it comes to the user experience. Let us name a
few of the key features of fintech apps that will help you achieve this.

1. Smooth Onboarding Process

Statista has proven that most fintech apps lose many users just after one day of installation. The
onboarding process is one reason your fintech app may be losing users so quickly after installation. A
smooth sign-up page and a helpful intro could help you succeed here.

2. Use of Artificial Intelligence

Most industries are reaching out for AI-based solutions at present. The same goes for this
industry, and many Fintech apps already use complex algorithm processes. At the same time, AI enables
Fintech startups to provide intelligent baking services. This improves operational accuracy and efficiency
as well. A massive advantage of AI is that financial institutions can put their employees to better use by
directing them away from tasks that could be automated with AI. These institutions use machine
learning and chatbots to improve the customer experience.

3. Making the app personalized

Fintech apps with AI integration provide customers with suggestions and answers. For this, the apps
analyze the nature of spending of the user and their investment.

Here is another advantage of the effective use of Artificial Intelligence. Financial institutes are allowed
to assist their customers in making the right decision about investment services and providing
personalized recommendations.

4. Ease of API-Integration

Most premium fintech apps will need to integrate with other apps to make things easier for the users.
But, here is a fact. If you ask the users to retrieve an API key in order to connect the two platforms, they
might reconsider using the app in the first place. Therefore, it is advised to simplify the process of
integration instead of burdening your users with technology.

5. Biometric Security System

Internet crimes are becoming more prevalent by the day. Hence, it is critical to take the security of the
Fintech app to the next level if you want to win the user’s trust. As of now, Biometrics is considered the
most effective way to increase security in a fintech app. These include fingerprint input, facial
recognition, heartbeat measuring, etc.

Last Word

In creating a fintech app for your Finance company, you should choose wisely among the various
popular Fintech app ideas and work with an experienced developer. Who better than Qodeify, the
number one fintech app developer in Texas with a number of success stories all across the world.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in Mobile App Development, Web Design and Development, SEO Services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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