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What is IoB and why is it important?

The Internet of Behavior, often known as IoB, is a topic that is garnering an increasing amount of attention since it has been ranked by Gartner as one of the Top 9 Strategic Technological Trends of the last year. IoB is a field of research and development that tries to gain a more in-depth understanding of human behavior in order to enhance the interaction between humans and technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT), a type of technology that has become more commonplace in recent years, is the progenitor of the Internet of Behavior (IoB). IoB is centered on the practice of analyzing the massive amounts of data produced by connected devices and making use of that information to better comprehend human behavior. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive into more details then. 

What is IoB?

Gote Nyman, a professor of psychology at the University of Helsinki, is credited with having first conceptualized the IoB concept in 2012. Professor Nyman presented the idea of the Internet of Behavior (IoB), which is a convergence of the realms of technology, data analytics, and behavioral science. The goal here was to shed more light on the complexities of comprehending human behavior.

According to Professor Nyman, just like with Internet of Things devices, an address can be allocated to each individual behavior. Different kinds of information can be connected to behavior when an address has been allotted to that behavior. The data may include but are not limited to, interactions on social media or data collected from Internet of Things devices. In the same way, that data from IoT devices may be incorporated into a centralized database, so too can analysis of data from the IoB.

The value of Internet of Behavior (IoB)

The primary goal of the Internet of Behavior is to better comprehend and respond to the wide variety of consumer and user behaviors by collecting, analyzing, and understanding such behaviors. In addition to this, behavioral data is assisting businesses in making decisions that are better informed, as well as improving the quality of their services and value chains in the most effective way possible.

The IoB is not simply an additional method of analytics. it “may be used to affect behavior through feedback loops,” according to IoB’s data and technology. Are you driving too quickly? A warning for the driver to slow down can be generated by an IoB device through either the transmission of data to a central system or the processing of data at the edge of the network. Importantly, this warning can be provided in real-time with the use of 5G and other networking technology, allowing the driver to rapidly adjust their conduct.

IoB systems, which can influence the behavior of employees, can also be used to influence the behavior of customers. At the same time, IoB is also a tool that government organizations can use to exert influence over the people in their constituency. Because human behavior is a basic component of almost everything that people do, the value of the Internet of Behavior extends beyond the traditional bounds of both the private sector and the public sector.

Advertising, marketing, and psychology are working hand in hand. Behavioral analysis and psychological research have thereby made it possible to gain fresh insights from the data acquired through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoB has the potential to develop into a potent new marketing and sales instrument that can be utilized by companies and organizations all around the world. By making use of this tool, you will acquire a profound insight of your clientele, which is essential for the success of any organization.

Because of this, the Internet of Things is a transformative trend that has the potential to rethink humanity’s relationship with technology.


We at Qodeify think that you will have a pretty good understanding of what the behavior of the internet is after reading this. Nevertheless, the overarching idea behind IoB is around the efficient analysis and correct comprehension of behavioral data, as well as the aspiration to use the knowledge obtained to market and develop individualized products. Because of this, in the end, both your customers and your company will be satisfied and receive a higher return on investments.

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