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August 2, 2021by admin

The mobile health industry has started to flourish throughout the world. As of now, there are more than 44,000 healthcare apps available in the App Store only. These apps are designed to serve multiple purposes. Those services range from tracking the number of calories to the prediction of medical conditions. There are health apps targeting patients, laboratories, and professionals from the medical industry as well. In this article, we intend to explain to you the various types of healthcare mobile apps.

1. Clinical Communication Apps

Clinical communication apps are developed to enhance clinical decision-making. At the same time, you can communicate with clinical specialists efficiently through these apps. Through these apps, you can message, voice chat, and share files as well. One notable example of a clinical communication app is Halo. It is used by clinical specialists for communication and collaboration.

2. Patient Communication Application

There are many benefits of patient communication applications. Below are a few of them.

  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Facilitating efficient communication between patients and doctors.

EASE can be cited as an example of a patient communication app.

3. Medical Reports Application

These apps are used to simplify the updating process of patient records such as sugar levels, blood pressure, prescriptions, and more. The reason behind recording these reports is to keep track of the progress of patients.

“Medical Record” is a popular Medical Reports Application. This app consists of features such as searching for patients, scheduling appointments, video recording, etc.

4. Barcode Scanning Applications

These mobile apps allow you to scan the medication barcodes and the electronic health records of a particular patient. They use a built-in camera on mobile devices. This eliminates the need for barcode-scanning devices.

Epic Rover can be identified as an app that belongs to this category. These applications allow doctors to carry out their tasks more efficiently.

5. Medical Dosage Applications

Medical dosage Applications are used mainly by physicians to calculate the doses of medicine for patients. The dosage of the medicine depends on factors such as the age and weight of the patients. When you start using this app, you won’t have to do manual calculations and won’t need any sophisticated tools.

The DoseMeRx app developed for medical professionals is a good example of this type of app. Through this app, one could set reminders up, and predict the outcomes of specific treatments.

6. Risk Assessment Apps

These types of apps are integrated with Electronic Health Records and are used to monitor patients in real time, track their heart rates and identify patients in critical conditions. To develop such an app, mostly Machine Learning is used.

FHR 5-Tier is a great example of a Risk Assessment app.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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