What is Node.js and what are its key features?

October 7, 2022by admin

Every year brings new challenges for those working in the software and web development industries as new languages and frameworks are introduced, among other innovations. With technological advancement, developers have an ample range of versatile languages for developing platforms with advanced functionality.

When it comes to developing applications, Node.js is an exceptional server-side programming language.

What is Node.js?

Below are the key features of Node.js. The creator of this programming language is Ryan Dahl, and it was introduced in 2009. The language is an event-driven JavaScript runtime that is single-threaded, cross-platform, and open-source. Developers use it for building network applications that are both quick and scalable.

It executes code written in JavaScript and runs on Google’s V8 engine, JavaScript engine. Node.js is used to build data-intensive, single-page applications, online chat applications, etc.

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Key Features of Node.js

Let us discuss the main key features of Node.js in detail:

1. Single-threaded

This programming language is operated on Single Threaded Event Loop Model architecture. By enabling the Node.js server to carry out all non-blocking operations seamlessly, the event loop mechanism contributes to the server’s increased scalability. Unlike Apache HTTP servers, Node.js can handle multiple client requests.

2. Asynchronous

Node.js applications programming interfaces are asynchronous by design. To put it another way, whenever a client makes a request to a server, the request is dealt with by a single thread. If the request does not involve any interaction with the database, it will be processed, and the response will be sent over.

3. Event-driven

The notification mechanism in Node.js is referred to as “Events,”. It is used to receive and keep track of previous API requests from the server. The event-driven mechanism functions in a manner that is analogous to that of the callback mechanism found in asynchronous programming. After Node has finished starting the server, the program will declare its functions, begin setting its variables, and then wait for the event to take place.

4. NPM

The Node Package Manager, also known as NPM, is the most comprehensive online repository for the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment. Developers utilize it for developing, installing, and publishing node programs. The NPM registry currently contains over 1.3 million different packages. At the same time, NPM allows new organizations to manage private development effectively.

5. Highly scalable

Node.js is highly scalable. It is mainly because it operates asynchronously and has a single-thread architecture. When a request is received, the single thread will immediately begin processing it. After the response has been delivered to the client, the process will begin again. Node.js utilize child processes to partition applications horizontally. It enables organizations to more easily customize app versions in accordance with the preferences of individual customers.

6. Performance

Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Runtime motor is where Node.js is built, contributing to more rapid code execution. With the assistance of C++, the JavaScript code used in the V8 engines is compiled into machine code. Because of the V8 engine, the code implementation is now more streamlined and quicker.


There are currently more job openings available in this sector due to an increase in the number of businesses using Node.js and its capabilities. This is possibly why so many people are attempting to advance their careers by learning how to use Node.js.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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