Emerging DevOps Trends

June 10, 2021by admin

DevOps is a famous technology of software development introduced by the IT community worldwide. Below we’ll see the latest trends of DevOps to watch out for in 2021.

1. Developers are going to be the Decision Makers and Influencers

We are excited to see the growing impact and influence of developers when it comes to the selection of tools. The top-down sales proposal largely doesn’t work in the cloud-native world and needs to be supplemented by bottom-up community adoption.  In overcoming these tech-related problems, peer-recommended tools are used by the top-rated developers. Developers today leverage large communities, self-organize and pick the best open source tools to kick start small projects that have the potential to impact the growth curve of any organization.

2. Combined Software Delivery Pipelines

CIOs typically choose category-leading products for every category of the DevOps toolchain, like CI, CD, SAST, and SCA. By speaking based on history, combining these devices to keep a useful CI/CD pipeline has been painful and needs tools using custom scripts. We hear that it is frustrating to maintain such scripts. To approach this challenge, end-to-end integrated DevOps platforms will become the norm in the near future. Few best-in-class components with automation in-built would be offered by such platforms. This will make the integration of other DevOps tools in a plug-and-play manner possible for the organizations.

3. Shifting Left with Code

The shift left function, which allows the fixing of bugs and issues early in the software development life cycle when it is cheapest to do so, is accelerating. By performing a shared security responsibility model and allowing developers to take more ownership related to infrastructure, security, and other risky production issues with code, organizations are directing code quicker and cheaper with fewer errors.

4. Low-Code DevOps Automation

Most of the workflows are pretty standard in the DevOps world. In production; preserve it, look at the knowledge base for a solution, make an incident, apply a solution, fix ticket and then do it repeatedly. This example is simple, but many repeat use cases can be automatically executed. In order to make the best out of DevOps teams, these workflows should be automated. We think that customizable low-code automation interfaces will develop to work as secret protection thing for efficient DevOps engineers.

5. Security at the Speed of Dev

A generation before Software release cycles used to last from four to six months. Today, the software delivery life cycle and release flow are faster than expected. To ensure the delivery of a code that is secure authentication, compliance, managing the vulnerabilities, and authorization have to move at this speed. Most creative CISOs choose a shared ownership model of security that allows application element owners to recognize and correct assets. In this shared model, a good balance between coordination and security requires to be resisted.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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