10 Essential Features of a Cab Booking App

May 28, 2021by admin

Technology has made human life so effortless to an extent where ordering a taxi is at your fingertips. With rapidly developing technology it is sure that these digitalized ride ordering services are here to stay for a long time. You might wonder why some services are successful while others are not since there is about 7 billion population in the world right now and the market for these services should be huge. Isn’t it? Well, let’s see why some of these services are successful while others are not.

Here we list down 10 features of a cab ordering service must-have!

1. User-centric booking process

The customer is the king of any sort of business. Be it online or offline. Your app should be optimized in a way so that the user will face no inconvenience when booking a ride. It should feel smooth and navigation should be easy and user-friendly.

2. Real-time ride tracking

Users should be provided with the facility to track their taxi once they order it. They must not have any doubt about when will the taxi arrive or where the taxi is right now. Right until they get off at their destination, they should be able to track their taxi’s location.

3. Booking flexibility

The user should be allowed to book a taxi right away or sometime later. Canceling ordered services should also be allowed. These tasks should be hassle-free.

4. Transparent booking process

All the information about the fare should be available for the user. Your service should be trustworthy and a transparent booking process is a key feature your app should have.

5. Taxi details

Taxi details like the driver’s details and the vehicle’s details must be available. The user should be allowed to view them for security and safety purposes.

6. Ride feedback

This is one of the most important aspects your service should have. Users should be allowed to give feedback on his/her experience, even if they need to post a bad review. This option means that your service does not hide the reality which makes it more trustworthy. Then it is up to you to make the necessary adjustments in your service based on them.

7. Travel history

Records of travel details should be made available to the user. The user should feel that your app is the go-to choice when ordering a taxi. Without this option, your app would be just another app on their smartphones.

8. Emergency Contact

Emergency contact is crucial to ensure the safety of the user. This feature must not be missing in your cab solution. Thankfully, most cab ordering apps have this feature.

9. Location-saving features

Saving the location of the user makes it easier for them to book a ride. They will just have the select one of their favorite locations and order a taxi. This attractive feature will draw more customers your way.

10. Report analysis services for back-end use

Data collected through the system is so valuable. You can take a deep insight into customer behavior and take wise decisions on how to improve and what changes should be made.


Technology is changing our society at a rapid phase. Those who don’t keep up will be left behind. Customer expectations are not the same as they were a few decades ago. So researching and collecting information on service-based apps like cab ordering apps is a must. Using a customer-centric business model and collecting feedback are your initial steps in building a user-friendly cab ordering app.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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