The most responsive mouse ever is now out

February 10, 2021by admin

The Viper 8k, which was created by Razer, is said to be the most responsive computer mouse of all time.

So what is it, and what makes it stand out from the rest?

With the competitive nature of the PC gaming equipment market, it could be hard to lead the market. But one company, “Razer” believes that it has an advantage against competitors with its all-new computer mouse, the Viper 8K. This new device features second-generation optical switches, a 20,000 DPI focus plus sensor, as well as a much lighter frame design. But perhaps the thing that the Viper 8k is best known for is the fact that it is the company’s first mouse to include an all-new hype rolling technology.

So what does all this mean?

A “polling rate” is the number that measures the speed in which a mouse transfers data to your computer. The typical gaming mouse sends data at 1,000MHz. Meaning 1,000 times per second, with a one millisecond delay. Therefore, the Viper 8K is said to be up to 8 times more efficient, giving it a possible polling rate of up to 8,000MHz, cutting that delay down to just ⅛ of a millisecond.

Because of this, the Viper 8K should be much more responsive, with fewer micro-glitches.

However, Razer says that even experts may have a hard time telling the difference between a standard 1,000 kHz gaming mouse and the Viper 8k technology, seeing as it is only milliseconds indifference.

In reality, the Viper’s light 71g frame might give you much more of an advantage in gaming than the new polling technologies.

It should also be mentioned that the Viper 8k is only available in the market as a wired mouse. So if you are only used for a wireless mouse, the Viper 8k might not be the best option for you. However, if you are already looking for a new mouse, at the very least, it will not hurt your performance the way a mouse with too high of a DPI setting might. And even without it’s the most famous feature, the Viper 8k still has a lot going for it when compared to other computer mice.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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