How to use Facebook for the hotel industry efficiently

February 15, 2021by admin

If you are a hotel owner and unaware of Facebook’s importance to market your place, let Qodeify, the leading Digital Marketing company of Dallas to explain it for you. Check out how we do Facebook marketing here.

Since Facebook started its “Fan Page” for businesses to build free profiles for the first time, it has developed beyond the horizons. Now along with 1 billion-plus daily active users from all around the world, Facebook has expanded many chances for marketers and advertisers to take the support of this famous platform.

Even though Facebook Pages [they have taken away the “fan” part] are still technically free, a large number of Facebook marketers will need to pay if they want their ads or content to be recognised by their audience. In simple words, to promote an advertisement you should pay Facebook.

Fortunately, Facebook has improved a number of helpful tools and features for the marketers to reach their audiences not just through ads but in many creative and highly targeted ways. Facebook is the ideal place for Hotels to connect with real people and build connections with them through visual media. Here are a few Facebook marketing tips and strategies that hotel marketers could use to promote their hotels on the world’s most popular social media platform.

1. Invest in Promoted Content and Ads 

At present, almost everyone is utilizing the extensive Business funnel.

There are two main forms of reach that we have some control over on Facebook. They are organic and paid.

Organic reach: The entire number of people who saw your Facebook post without you spending any money on it.

Paid to reach: The entire number of people who saw your Facebook post because you are spending money on developed content and ads.

2. Use Facebook’s Demographic Data in Targeted Campaigns

The decline in organic reach is really challenging for the brands. It is one of the challenges, a brand has to face when they are dealing with Facebook.

This has kept some hotel owners away from Facebook. They have claimed out that Facebook isn’t working for them.

Over the years with collaboration and testing numerous Facebook methods ourselves we discovered that the Hotel Funnel starts with paid to reach.

At first, it seemed to be a bit counterintuitive for us. But then we understood Facebook mechanism rewards a company that is built upon paid reach.

We can take the following attributes into consideration while promoting the hotel.

  • Demographics
  • Location targeting
  • Interests
  • Behaviours
  • Targeted connection

3. Consider Combining the Power of Facebook data with the Visual Appeal of Instagram

The mode of communication on Instagram is Images. A strong visual voice is a must for a hotel brand. It is the key to drive real business results from this platform.

Combination of these 2 social media giants makes it easier for Hotels to get the best out of both platforms.

  • Centralized management: Maintain campaigns efficiently and in order. Purchasing, maintaining, and recording are all smooth and consistent.
  • Expanded inventory: With the addition of Instagram to Facebook’s interfaces, Hotels have more chances to reach their target audience efficiently now all thanks to the union of Facebook and Instagram.
  • Creative portability: Get the best out of your marketing assets with the flexibility to run shared ad creative across both Facebook and Instagram.

4. Enrich Guest Customer Service using Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger has swiftly bent down to the preference of today’s modern traveller by becoming a Customer Service portal.

And despite age, people prefer messaging over calling or emailing nowadays because it has made communication easier, more open-ended, more frequent, and more thoughtful. A recent survey by Nielsen had shown that 53% of people say they’re more likely to shop with a business because of who has messaged with them directly.

5. Create Engagement Opportunities Using Facebook Live video or 360

Among the few ways that help people to broadcast to the world in real-time Facebook Live is an important way for people to either to join from their mobile devices or desktop.

Hotels can showcase their most compelling stories with Facebook 360, by taking the viewer inside the story to experience the sights and sounds of the scene.

These are the ways how you can use Facebook for hotel industry efficiently.

As a reputed Digital marketing firm, we highly recommend Facebook for your hotel promotion.

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in Mobile App Development, Web Design and Development, SEO Services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Qodeify holds a strong market presence in website design and development, SEO services, Website Maintenance, Content Development.

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